What is business development?


Despite much use of the words Business Development and Business Development, Hans Eibe is still the only author of an English-language textbook on the subject.

It is currently published in over 45 countries and recent research from international scientific journals is based in part on the instructions from this book.

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EIBE CONSULTING offers professional and enthusiastic BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, STRATEGY and DIGITALIZATION with 20+ years of experience from start-up, operations, consulting and board work in own and others’ high- and low-tech companies.

YOUR growth in existing and new markets as well as streamlining and professionalizing your skills and workflows is our mutual task.

OUR second leg is competence development from individual mentor/coaching courses to multi-day Accelerator courses and Leadership Masterclasses for companies, clusters and industry associations.

OUR approach is the proper preparation and facilitation of your (digital) strategy, business development and organizational change. We believe in strong collaboration and the virtual organization and always assign the strongest team of our own and external specialists to each task.

WE describe our approaches and tools with examples and cases below. Enjoy!

In this new PodCast together with At Turde, we get around the discipline of Business Development seasoned with anecdotes and concrete instructions.


Here are a few takeaways:
– Why is business development important? (approx. 0:35)
– Growth opportunities and their various challenges (approx. 2:30)
– Who is the good business developer
? (approx. 15:00)
– When is an actual business developer needed? (approx. 19:30)
– Business development and the commercial outlook (approx. 36:00)
– How do we help companies? (approx. 62:00)

Every business has its own unique and critical challenges.
Sometimes a fresh overview is needed. Other times, it’s a spearhead operation.”

Hans Eibe

Business Developer

STRATfinder by EIBE CONSULTING - business development - strategy development


In our toolbox you will find e.g. our own STRATfinder™ , DIGIfinder™ and COMMfinder™ as well as classic frameworks such as Business Model Canvas, the Customer Journey Map and the classic management and marketing frameworks.

Each tool has its (sub)task when we facilitate your strategy, business development and digital transformation with focus on cost reduction and growth in existing and new markets.

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What can we do for you?


  • 1:1 mentor or coaching course with managers, owners and board
  • Leadership Masterclass
  • Customized courses and workshops for your company
  • Accelerator course for your cluster or company

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