It is very important for me to have strong resource persons around me. Both when we solve tasks for companies under the auspices of EIBE MGMT, but also when I build or develop my own companies. It is especially strong when both director and advisor have the same experience base with management and budget responsibility for the entire company “
– Hans Eibe, CEO

The history

EIBE MGMT was founded in 2005 by Hans Eibe Sørensen, who combined his practical biotech entrepreneurs experience with his research in market-oriented business development, strategy and organization.

Since then, has Hans Eibe in collaboration with other specialists advised and coached companies and managers around Denmark as well as taught and given lectures at home and abroad. Hans Eibe has started and run several companies on the sidelines, including within biotech, consumer genetics, confectionery and most recently health services, e.g. COVID-19 testing and influenza vaccine service.
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About the virtual organization

We always put the best team to the task solution, because we are not only limited to our own competencies. We believe in the strength of the virtual organization, where resources and competencies are gathered from our extensive network of specialists.

It ensures both breadth in types of tasks we can solve at the same time as depth in the level of detail of the task solution. It is wonderful on one project to draw on an Amazon specialist and on another an architect – just to stay among the “A’s”. Business development has many facets.


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