Shall we develop your business?

“…it is stated in our strategy plan that we must – start your new activity – but we are not really getting started.
EIBE MGMT adds the extra resource that puts activity on the agenda and executes the desired change “
– Hans Eibe, CEO

The daily management and corporate management typically have a number of critical questions for the company or its growth opportunities that may be answered or unanswered. Here is a couple of examples:

  • Where are we and the market right now?
  • Where are we going?
  • Do we need to optimize internal processes or initiate new growth opportunities?
  • What is realistically achievable and in what order?
  • What can we do by ourself?
  • What should be solved by others and who should we choose?
  • Who are our (profitable) customers?
  • What do we deliver of value to them?
  • How do we reach them?
  • What can be digitized / automated? (read more here)
  • …and so on

Some of the questions may be answered in your strategy plan, but needs to be executed. If not, we start with your strategy plan and work from there.

eibe mgmt

Strategy and business development

latest types of tasks
  • Construction and implementation of importer and distributor of medical equipment and health services
  • Development plan with concrete recommendations for organizational development as well as identification of prioritized growth opportunities for the manufacturer of ceilings.
  • Business plan, pitch-decks and strategy for attracting capital for food producer
  • Here are our digitization tasks
The toolbox in selection


  • Business model: Uncovering the company’s current design
  • Growth strategy: Identification and analysis of growth opportunities nationally and internationally
  • Strategy and business plans for selected growth opportunities
  • Strategy for digitization / automation of internal processes and market-oriented activities (read more here)

Market analysis

  • Market demographics, -needs and -development
  • Competitive situation: Where is the market, customers and competitors
  • Target group selection and positioning

Organizational and value system analysis

  • Analysis of the company’s organizational design
  • Analysis of the company’s resources, competencies and activities
  • Analysis of the company’s alliances and value system

Sales and marketing analysis

  • Analysis of the company’s marketing and sales organization and channels
  • Identification and analysis of relevant marketing and sales activities and their interaction
  • Identification and analysis of offline and online marketing as well as digital presence (read more here)

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