EIBE CONSULTING holds courses, workshops and lectures in, among other things, business development and leadership. The courses are adapted to managers and business owners who want inspiration to improve the current business and initiate growth opportunities that the company needs to live on in the long term.

The courses provide an opportunity to assess your own business development
activities in relation to the company’s growth opportunities. You gain a better understanding of strategy and business development, as well as being equipped with models and tools that can support your daily work.

The picture was taken at a Leadership Masterclass that was held at Lykkesholm Castle in the winter of 2019-2020.

courses in business development

We prefer that all courses are based on a case-based progress based on your own company. It ensures fast anchoring of both tools and activities – and that the participant moves the company forward, even if she is ‘away’ from the daily operation. “

Hans Eibe

Business Developer


Leadership masterclass for the IT industry & Maritime Industry


The purpose of the Leadership Masterclass is, on the basis of a case-based course, to provide the participant with an understanding of and tools to lead the preparation, selection and implementation of possible future scenarios.


Leadership Masterclass is held by ShareFifty5 and consists of 3 intensive 1.5 day workshops. Focus will be on activation and group work to promote the participants’ commitment and mutual sparring as well as promote networking. The participants are based on their own cases from their own company.

Target group

Owner managers, directors, senior executives and board members in maritime and IT companies.


This time the Leadership Masterclass is at Broholm Castle, see

MODULE 1: 3/11 kl 08:30 – 20:00 til 4/11 kl. 13:00
MODULE 2: 8/12 at 08:30 – 20:00 to 9/12 at 13:00
MODULE 3: 26/1 at 08:30 – 20:00 to 27/1 at 13:00

See program and registration here: Leadership Masterclass


Target group

Directors, Business Developers, Business Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers and in general people who work with (digital business development) innovation and growth opportunities.


All courses give participants a general understanding of (business development) tasks, processes, organization and tools. The courses also contribute with the opportunity to evaluate own business development activities in relation to the company’s own growth opportunities.


The custom made and company-specific courses further contribute to providing colleagues with a common mindset and frame of reference, as well as a toolbox that can adapt and systematize their common business development activities on growth opportunities.

Experience from previous courses shows that management receives better prepared business models and plans for opportunities and can hold more effective status meetings for several projects / innovation teams at the same time.

In addition to better collaboration and information sharing within the individual project teams, these courses also provide increased sparring and dialogue across project teams.


Contact us on if you are interested. Then we custom made a course for your organization.

(All sessions and courses are offered in English as required)


3-Days courses


The course provides a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of business development tasks and processes, their organization and people as well as the business developer’s toolbox.


Own growth opportunities as a case

Before participating, participants prepare a pitch on a current opportunity that serves as their own case, developed throughout the course. In the Open Courses, the content of the growth opportunity is kept confidential between the teacher and the individual participant.



The courses are based on a 2 +1 model or 2 + 2 model and are completed so that the first two modules are held in continuation of each other. There will then be a one-month break, during which the participants will continue working on the pitch, business model and plan for the current growth opportunity. Example on structure:

  • Business Development and the Business Developer’s Mindset (Day 1)
  • Business Developer Toolbox (Day 2)
  • Preparation and implementation of a growth opportunity business plan (Day 3 (and 4))



After the course, the participant must be able to:

  • Understand and explain what business development is and is not
  • Demonstrate good skills and be able to work with the core elements of business development
  • Evaluate and evaluate the qualities of the good business developer
  • Assess and evaluate one’s own company’s business development tasks and processes
  • Prepare a pitch, a business model and plan for an actual growth opportunity


Course details

Customers Development Fyn, MBA (SDU), SDU Business – Open Courses

Frequency Spring and on request

PreparationPitch on own current growth opportunity

Follow-up None or individual Skype meeting by appointment



The aim of the course is to give the participants a general understanding of business development tasks, processes, organization and tools.



After the course, the participant must be able to:

  • Understand and explain what business development is and is not
  • Demonstrate good skills in being able to work with the core elements of business development
  • Assess and evaluate one’s own company’s business development tasks and processes


Course details

Customers DJØF, Novo Nordisk

Frequency On request

Preparation None, except other agreement

Follow-up None, except other agreement


EIBE MGMT focuses on Business Development continuing education, but our experience and portfolio also includes other and more specific courses:


  • (Big) Data-driven business development
  • Making the Business Case (pitch, model and plan) – 2 hours crash course
  • Business Models and Business Plans
  • Strategy and / or Organization
  • The Market Oriented Company
  • The marketing plan (Marketing Management)
  • Market Research & tools

What do our customers say?

Don’t just listen at us Let our customers have the word!

I got a much better understanding of what Business Development is and how our organization can get better. The course complements my qualifications in my job as a project manager in the areas related to sales marketing.

The teaching was very exciting because the teacher was able to adapt the teaching needs to the group. The academic level was considered high and we could go in depth with the topics.

I can highly recommend the courses to others. Especially if the people work with project management or are product managers.

Søren Meyer

Project Manager, Danfoss Power Solutions

It was really inspiring to get an overall overview of the discipline “Business Development” and be equipped with models and tools you can rely on in your daily work.

Exciting teaching, worked well with alternating between theory and practice, spiced with stories from both teacher Hans Eibe and the participants.

I will clearly and have already recommended the course, and would like to participate in other similar modules in the future.

Christian Ledertoug

SVP, Head of International Sales, Jyske Capital at Jyske Bank A/S

I have been given a number of concrete and very useful tools for the tasks I solve in my current job and which I imagine I will continue to work on.

Tools that help to make the good strategy, the good task, in a good quality – to get from idea over clarification to implementation. The teaching was very compressed and I would have liked more ‘confrontations’, as the material is wildly exciting and important.

The teacher’s informal and practically oriented style matches me and my work style well, and I would recommend the course to others.

Anette Phil Nielsen

Chief for Erhvervskontakten, Odense Kommune

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