CUSTOMER CASE – PentaBase gets digital strategy with DIGIfinder

EIBE CONSULTING has helped PentaBase maintain its unique position by developing a new optimized digital strategy based on the STRATfinder™ and DIGIfinder tools.


PentaBase is a diagnostic biotech company that develops and sells DNA platform technology to hospitals worldwide as well as[kemiske] blood test products for monitoring treatment effectiveness in cancer patients in the field of cancer treatment. The products enable diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of the treatment effect, so that treatment can be individualized and optimized on an ongoing basis, as well as monitoring relapses in fully treated patients based on simple blood tests.

In order to maintain its unique, international leadership position and realize its growth potential, PentaBase contacted EIBE CONSULTING back in 2019 with the need for a plan for its digital transformation. The plan could give a significant boost to the company’s growth in existing and new markets through the use of, among other things, new channels, increased digital presence and possible new services.


EIBE CONSULTING took as its starting point our experience with digital business development – including, among other things, STRATfinder™ and DIGIfinder™ – as well as medical equipment. These structured tools uncover workflows and find the digital tools that increase PentaBase’s organizational effectiveness and identify growth opportunities. EIBE CONSULTING, in collaboration with PentaBase, has driven the strategy and marketing process, which culminates in a detailed action plan that enables PentaBase to execute the digital strategy:

Based on observations, interviews with key employees, company documents and other desk research, a plan for digital transformation has been developed which, among other things, describes the status and plan for development of

        • adapted organizational design from leadership and organizational structure to digital resources, activities and competencies.
        • positioning in relevant digital channels towards customers, alliances and important decision makers and their interaction
        • digital workspace (collaboration platform), including knowledge sharing, project management, planning, reporting, sales activities, customer service as well as external and internal communication and marketing.
        • digital growth opportunities, including digital workflows and customer journeys.

During the process, we have been well challenged in our world view and received a lot of useful inputs and ready-made solutions. The team has been razor-sharp and persistent in driving the processes through, until solutions have actually been implemented that not only work, but are also aligned with all applicable and soon-to-be regulations and best practices. We are super happy with the professional approach to the challenges and the results that have come out of it. We look forward to the continued good cooperation in 2022 and 2023.

Ulf Bech Christensen

CEO & Founder, PentaBase


Med STRATfinder afdækker vi din strategi og forretningsmodel og kommer med forslag til strategiske, forretningsmæssige eller driftsoptimerende tiltag. 

Med DIGIfinder™ afdækker vi med jeres langsommelige og bøvlede arbejdsgange og finder de digitale værktøjer, der øger jeres organisatoriske effektivitet.

Med COMMfinder™ afdækker og omsætter vi din virksomheds DNA, så den er enkel og forståelig for dine målgrupper.

Med Kunderejsen (CJM) kan I komme i gang med at identificere relevante indsatser, der kan forbedre din forretning fra kundens synspunkt. Plakaten kan printes i A4, A3 og A0 efter behov.

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