CUSTOMER CASE – SweetNorth / ÆRLI for strategy and business development for capital raising

EIBE CONSULTING has helped SWEETNORTH ApS with strategy and business development in order to prepared investor materials as well as support for pitches and investor dialogues. Most with point of departure in the tools STRATfinder™ and COMMfinder  and the Business Plans in  Business Development: a market oriented perspective.


SWEETNORTH ApS is a food/confectionery manufacturer that makes ÆRLI – the world’s first long-lasting and freezer-friendly cream bun with quality raw materials. The food producer takes both allergens into account, but also the production with a focus on climate and suppliers. These parameters are important for retail and hospitality (B2B) as well as consumer segments (B2C).

In order to attract capital to insource and scale up production facilities and facilities, founder Michael Møller Larsen reaches out to EIBE CONSULTING. There was a need for help with strategy and business development, including preparing the necessary investor material as well as support for pitches, investor dialogues etc.

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To get the right help for strategy and business development, SWEETNORTH chose us at EIBE CONSULTING. The reason for this was due to our in-depth skills in business development of growth opportunities, including start-up companies. Since SWEETNORTH was a young company, there was a need for both strategy and business development as well as optimization of activities and processes, see our STRATfinder™

Based on interviews with Michael Møller Larsen about his vision and mission for SWEETNORTH, business model, organizational and market analyses, as well as dialogues with experts in the network, delivered

  • Business plan containing
      • Vision, mission and preliminary objectives
      • Marketing plan with positioning and go-to-market
      • Organizational plan with competencies, technology and production
      • Financing plan and budgets
  • Onepager Pitch and Pitch Decks for different target groups and stages in investor dialogues
  • Ongoing assistance until capital and investors came in

    “It was incredibly nice to come under some experienced wings in connection with my entrepreneurial adventure. I had a good idea and proof of concept, but lacked the knowledge to grow the company. The material that was developed in collaboration with EIBE CONSULTING became professional, helped us further on the journey and has been of great importance to the fact that today we have an ownership group, a professional board and fully automatic production.

    Michael Moller Larsen

    Founder and director, SWEETNORTH ApS

    our tools

    With STRATfinder , we uncover your strategy and business model and come up with proposals for strategic, business or operational optimization measures.

    With DIGIfinder™ , we uncover your slow and cumbersome workflows and find the digital tools that increase your organizational efficiency.

    With COMMfinder™, we uncover and convert your company’s DNA so that it is simple and understandable for your target groups.

    With the Customer Journey (CJM) you can start identifying relevant efforts that can improve your business from the customer’s point of view. The poster can be printed in A4, A3 and A0 as required.

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