Data-Driven Business Development

Data and Analyses are necessary but far from sufficient for successful data-driven growth.

Are you ready for data-driven growth?

Successful (big) data-driven growth rests on mindsets and competencies Our work is based on the BigDataBigBusiness research project in alliance with Professor Thomas Ritter, post.doc Carsten Pedersen og projektleder Christina Merolli Poulsen ved Copenhagen Business School. The project is funded with €1mio by The Danish Industry Foundation. We identify 5 types of opportunities, 4 barriers and 3 categories with 9 competencies. The categories and competences are visualized in our DataProfit Capability Map and used as a basis for organisational development and internal alignment of perspectives.  
  • Basics
    • Data
    • Analysis
    • Permission
  • Organization
    • Strategy
    • Business Development
    • Autonomy
  • Application
    • Optimization
    • Cross-sales
    • Upcycling

DataProfit: a capability map for Data-Driven Growth

(Free e-book / Practitioner Guide)


Hans EIBE on Data-Driven Business Development (in danish)

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