Good tools are essential for effective task solving – also when we work individually or in groups. Even the most simple and intuitive tools can contain traps. With KVALIfinder™, you get efficiency in task solving.

KVALIfinder™ is the key to identifying blind spots, minimizing errors and ensuring quality in your business projects through simple but decisive questions.

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KVALIfinder ™ identifies blind spots, minimizes errors and ensures structure and quality, making task solving more efficient

Let’s introduce our tool: KVALIfinder™. It is designed to support the structure around and streamlining task solving, e.g. when preparing strategy documentation, marketing materials and strategic alignment of the company’s IT and strategy. However, the tool is generic and can be used in many different contexts.

Some of the mentioned pitfalls uncovered by the tool include:

  1. Lack of insight into what needs to be included or left out.
  2. Acceptance of existing material as relevant without sufficient assessment of the content’s relevance.
  3. Inexperienced or unupdated people judge the quality, which can lead to suboptimal results.
  4. Overestimation of quality standards that may go beyond budget and profitability.
  5. Random approach to task solving, which can lead to poor quality of the result.


Should ‘it’ be there?

The first question we ask ourselves is: Should ‘it’ be there? ‘It’ can be anything, as the tool is general. One of the first traps is a lack of insight into what needs to be included or left out. Everyone has some insight, but it is important to be aware of the blind spots that can be underestimated or deliberately skipped over. The wise manager and decision-maker ensures that these blind spots are minimized by involving specialists internally or externally.

Is ‘it’ there?

Once blind spots are minimized and the essentials are established, we ask ourselves the next question: Is ‘it’ there? Although it may seem simple to observe, there is a trap in accepting existing material as relevant when in fact it is not. A specialist can reveal that something is named correctly, but the content is irrelevant.

Is the quality OK?

Now that we have a clear presentation that is worded and content-correct, the big question is: Is the quality OK? This step is crucial as it can go wrong even if the outcome space is only Yes (Done) or No (Retry).

A trap here is to let an inexperienced or uninformed person judge the quality. Specialists can help increase the likelihood of a correct assessment. However, some specialists may tend to exaggerate quality in relation to budget and profitability. OK quality is generally better than perfect when the economy is taken into account.

Rounding off

It is not surprising that structure, organization, skills and experience play an important role in the successful streamlining of task solving . The surprising thing is how often we come across haphazard approaches. Have you perhaps yourself experienced a work process that was either fast or drawn out, where the quality of the result was not OK?

Questions for your summary:

  1. What is the primary purpose of KVALIfinder™?
  2. How can the company minimize the occurrence of blind spots?
  3. What role do specialists play in assessing the quality of work?
  4. Why is it important to balance quality with financial considerations?
  5. How can a random approach affect the quality of the result in problem solving?


  • Forretningsmodel: Afdækning af virksomhedens nuværende design
  • Vækststrategi: Identifikation og analyse af vækstmuligheder nationalt og internationalt
  • Strategi- og forretningsplaner for udvalgte vækstmuligheder
  • Strategi for digitalisering/automatisering af interne processer og markedsvendte aktiviteter (læs mere her)


  • Markedsdemografi, -behov og -udvikling
  • Konkurrencesituation: Hvor står markedet, kunder og konkurrenter
  • Målgruppevalg og positionering

Organisations- og værdisystemanalyse

  • Analyse af virksomhedens organisationsdesign
  • Analyse af virksomhedens ressourcer, kompetencer og aktiviteter
  • Analyse af virksomhedens alliancer og værdisystem

Salg- og marketinganalyser

  • Analyse af virksomhedens marketing- og salgsorganisation samt -kanaler
  • Identifikation og analyse af relevante marketing- og salgsaktiviteter og deres samspil
  • Identifikation og analyse af offline og online marketing samt digital tilstedeværelse (læs mere her)

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