EIBE CONSULTING holds lectures and presentations on, among other things, business development and the digital transformation.

Our selection of lectures provides inspiration for improving current business as well as insight into how growth opportunities are initiated. We offer lectures for managers, owners, board members and business organisations, as well as under the auspices of companies’ joint activities.

The photo was taken at TechQuartier in Frankfurt, where Hans Eibe was invited to give a talk on Data-Driven Business Development.

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Examples of previously held lectures



Every year, the bachelor students at the Faculty of Science focus on innovation. It is wonderful to witness their creativity and activities. You can wonder what happens when research takes over.

Hans used himself and his first biotech company as a case, which in 2002 was bought free by the University of Southern Denmark. The invention of a tool for DNA /PCR technologies, the company’s foundation reached the Australian stock exchange, but to some extent cannot be qualified as a successful innovation. Think about that. View dias.


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Client Natural Sciences, SDU

Skills Innovation, Business Development, Experience with Scientific /Technical Personnel

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Odense Robotics is the unique eco system of companies, education and research institutes specializing in robotics and automation around Odense, Denmark.

Hans Eibe was invited to provide insight into LEAN Start-up from a business development perspective. Hans Eibe’s more than 15 years of experience within e.g. cooperation with technical specialized personnel has provided good background knowledge to be able to constructively identify frequently occurring blind spots.


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ClientOdense Robotics.

Skills Business Development, LEAN Start-Up, Experience with Technical Personnel

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6 steps on how to start up with DISRUPTION!


Digital Odense 2016 launched a Digital Disruption conference with prominent speakers, e.g Jesper Buch (Just Eat), Christiane Vejlø (Electronista), Torben Frigaard (former CEO e-conomic).

Hans Eibe gave a presentation together with Martin Brems (conference coordinator) on disruption. The focus was to clarify the many misunderstandings of disruption and guide the audience to a better and safer innovative path. And no, Uber is not disruption.


Talk details

Client Digital Odense 2016

Skills Disruption, Innovation, Business Development. Organization

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A Status of Business Development Research and Practice


There are currently few, if not only one, academic international conference on business development. Hans Eibe had the honor of being a speaker at the opening of the 4th Intl. conference on Marketing & Business Development together with two other guest speakers from the IT sector.


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Client 4th Intl. conference on Marketing & Business Development, Bucharest.

Skills Business Development Research, Business Development Consultancy

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Please create some sustainable business


MiljøForum Fyn is a network of business and interest organizations focused on competitive advantage and CSR for growth and development within resources, energy and construction.

I was brought in to place emphasis on the business development (and profitability) aspects of growing and developing environmental projects. Other speakers were, among others, former MP Lene Espersen, CEO Danske Architects.


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Client MiljøForum Fyn.

Skills Business Development, Experience with Technical Personnel

See Environment Forum Fyn



Unbio ApS is a world leader in bacterial protein fermentation (production of protein from methane gas) and is growing rapidly. With an organization with more than 5 different nationalities from all over the world, understanding and adapting internal communication and behavior is a challenge.

The management was aware of its challenge and invited EIBE CONSULTING to facilitate a change.


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Customer Unibio ApS, Lyngby/Roskilde, Denmark.

Skills Cross-Functional Coordination, Organization Design & Culture, Business Development

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